Electric Light Solid State Radiators with Thermostat

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Electric heating with term-storage

Storage heaters are characterized by their reliability and their elegant design. Radiators with fireclay heat storage units heat the room air evenly and reduce electricity costs.

Radiators in this category are recommended for passageways and commercial spaces. They are less economical than heating systems with full storage, but the heating and cooling rate is significantly higher. These radiators are ideal where a suitable microclimate has to be created quickly and the costs are amortized by the number of customers: reception rooms, single rooms, corridors, storage rooms, workshops, solariums, sales stands, etc.

Our electric heaters are equipped with ceramic cores. A special ceramic and a unique technology for the integration of heat conductors are used in the manufacture of the storage. This technology enables electricity to be converted into heat directly in the storage with almost no loss. Thermal reflectors are welded in the last production stage. Special ceramics and an improved surface treatment ensure more even heating and heat dissipation.

The advantages of our products:

  • Heat development begins immediately after switching on
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Air duct on the front panel
  • Even heat distribution and a pleasant microclimate
  • Favorable prices and economy
  • No installation required, just plug it in
  • Security and Ease of Use
  • Free of dirt, soot and exhaust fumes
  • Maintenance-free
  • Wall brackets included
  • Feet are included
  • Line of five models
  • Modern design

You can calculate the approximate heating power for a specific room yourself. First you need to determine how many watts will be needed per square meter.

To do this, use the following rule of thumb:

for old buildings: approx. 120 watts per m2

for new buildings: approx. 80 watts per m2

According to the latest thermal insulation regulation: 40-60 watts per m2

Next, multiply the wattage by the area of the room and round up the result.

Let us assume that as a result of the calculations, the power is 1200 watts. The online shop offers radiators for 1000 and 1500 watts. In this case, a 1500 watt heater should be chosen. This choice will compensate for the mistake of the rule of thumb in the future and you will get a performance reserve for unforeseen situations.


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