Electric Solid State Radiators with Wireless Thermostat

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Electric heating with full term-storage and wireless thermostat

Our electric heaters with full term-storage are intended as main heating or additional heating and work on the principle of central heating. The full-surface ceramic core is heated up and gives off heat to your room in a ratio of approx. 50% as convection and approx. 50% as heat radiation (as with tiled stove heat). This ratio enables an even distribution of heat with a temperature difference between ceiling and floor of 1-2 degrees. This practically eliminates the cold near the ground. Thanks to the full-ceramic memory, our electric radiator can only be switched on for approx. 3-5 hours a day if the radiator has the right output for your room. It is also necessary to take into account the quality and age of the insulation of the house, the location of the room and the outside temperature.


You can calculate the approximate heating power for a specific room yourself. First you need to determine how many watts will be needed per square meter.

To do this, use the following rule of thumb:

for old buildings: approx. 120 watts per m2

for new buildings: approx. 80 watts per m2

According to the latest thermal insulation regulation: 40-60 watts per m2

Next, multiply the wattage by the area of the room and round up the result.

Let us assume that as a result of the calculations, the power is 1450 watts. The online shop offers radiators for 1400 and 1500 watts. In this case, a 1500 watt heater should be chosen. This choice will compensate for the mistake of the rule of thumb in the future and you will get a performance reserve for unforeseen situations.


External thermostat - wireless remote control

Our wireless remote control E4 can manage up to four radiators at the same time. In this case, the remote control can be programmed to operate in different modes every day for a whole week. The cycle repeats every week until you change the settings. Among other things, there is a very useful automatic frost protection program and a child safety option. In contrast to conventional thermostats with 3-degree accuracy, our thermostats allow an exact temperature setting with 0.5-degree accuracy, which can save an additional 5-8% in electricity costs per year.


Ceramic heat storage

Our electric heaters are equipped with ceramic cores that take up the entire volume of the body. A special ceramic and a unique technology for the integration of heat conductors are used in the manufacture of the therm-storage. This technology enables electricity to be converted into heat directly in the storage with almost no loss. Thermal reflectors are welded in the last production stage. Special ceramics and an improved surface treatment ensure more even heating and heat dissipation. When the temperature set by the thermostat is reached, heat generation can continue for up to 45 minutes without using electricity.


The advantages of our products:

  • Excellent heat transfer and almost 100% efficiency
  • No installation required, just plug it in
  • Fully wireless controlled
  • Security and Ease of Use
  • Free from dirt, soot and exhaust gases
  • Maintenance free
  • Wall brackets included
  • When buying, you can choose the type of feet and add moisture protection
  • Wide range of models and modifications


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