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Are you looking for a new electric heater?

The new generation of electric heating!

In our electric heating range you will find suitable solutions for every room, whether in the domestic or commercial sector, in winter gardens, holiday homes, offices and many others. Our electric surface storage heaters are designed in such a way that the heat is stored directly in the ceramic plates with only minimal energy loss. The high-ribbed surface ensures the correct balance of radiant and convection heat. As soon as the electric surface storage heater has reached its optimal temperature, the heat output can be continued for up to 45 minutes, depending on the setpoint of the thermostat. Depending on the programmed setting and the structure of the building, an average of 3-5 hours of electricity is required for 24 hours of heat dissipation. That's the advantage. The desired temperature can either be regulated using a room thermostat with LED control or a wireless thermostat. Our programmable wireless thermostat impresses with its ease of use.

Our full storage electric heaters are intended as full or additional heating and work on the principle of central heating. The ceramic core is heated up and gives off the heat in the ratio of approx. 50% as convection and approx. 50% as heat radiation (tiled stove heat, sun) to your room. This ratio allows you to achieve uniform warmth with temperature differences between the ceiling and floor of only approx. 1-2 degrees. Cold feet are largely eliminated.

Electric heating is particularly suitable for renovating old buildings. Old buildings often have no installed heating system. This then either has to be re-laid, which is associated with great effort and costs, or the building has to be heated with wood or oil stoves. Another decisive advantage of electric heating is that it is easy to install. While you have to install a complete pipe circuit for the water with a conventional heating system with oil or wood, this is not necessary with an electric heater. With a little manual skill, you can even attach the radiators yourself and you don't even need a craftsman.

In addition, the installation of an electric heater is always the right choice when there is little space for the installation and storage of fuels. There is no need for storage space for a tank farm or a boiler. At the same time, there is no need to store fuel such as wood or pellets. The electric heater is also a wonderfully simple matter in operation. Electric heaters are almost maintenance-free. The heating process does not produce any exhaust gases that have to be cleaned and discharged from the living spaces. So you don't even need a chimney and the fees for the chimney sweeper and the mandatory pollutant check are also eliminated.

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