Note according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act


The following information is provided according with the offer and/or the supply of electrical and electronic equipment to private households via mail:


  1. Owners of old devices must have them collected separately from unsorted municipal waste. You have to separate old batteries and accumulators, which are not enclosed by the old device, from the collection point before handing them over, as far as old devices are not acc. § 14 paragraph 5 sentences 2 and 3 ElektroG are separated to prepare them for reuse.
  2. As the end user, it is your own responsibility to ensure that personal data is deleted from the old devices to be disposed of.
  3. weee-logoThe symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin indicates that electrical and electronic equipment must be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste.
  4. Electrical and electronic equipment can be returned for recycling at the designated collection points (e.g. at municipal collection points).
  5. When purchasing a new electrical or electronic device, end users can return an old device of the same type, which essentially has the same functions as the new device, to us free of charge.
  6. 357/5000 At the request of the end user, we are obliged to take back old devices that are no larger than 25 centimeters in size in the retail store or in the immediate vicinity, free of charge; The return may not be linked to the purchase of an electrical and electronic device and is limited to five old devices per device type.


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